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14 Feb

If you get an opportunity, please check out this blog, Paleoworks. It contains a whole array of useful information regarding the Paleo Diet. The information is in-depth and very informative. Check it out!

Paleo Works: How To Diet

What is bad fat good fat? Obviously you want to eat the right fats and oils improving your health from the inside out.  But which is the best oil for cooking? What are good fats? Chances are you probably thought you already knew the answer and would come out with something like, vegetable cooking oil or sunflower cooking oil, right? Wrong! For those of you that need convincing or simply wish to learn more there are links to scientific papers, articles and fact sheets at the bottom of this page.  But for now lets look move on and find out what really constitutes, bad fat good fat:

Cooking in Oil –  Cooking in Fat

What is the best oil for deep frying? Coconut Oil has dozens of uses from being an ideal oil for frying, (both deep and shallow) including roasting due to its high smoke point to moisturising the skin…

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